The first sustainable & ultra-pure
Red Korean Ginseng
in pharmacopoeia quality from hydroponic EU culture 

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HiQ-Nature GmbH is a young, owner-managed company based in North Hesse that develops natural products based on evidence with scientific standards. We produce safe products with the highest quality standards for health-conscious end consumers and therapists, pharmacists & doctors specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Our speciality is genuine Korean ginseng from EU hydroponic culture - ultra-pure, 7 times more potent* and grown in an environmentally friendly way. As a full-spectrum ginseng with a high concentration of rare ginsenosides, it is comparable to the original wild mountain Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer. Grown in pharmacopoeia quality in Europe, produced & packaged in Germany. Manufactured under DIN EN ISO 22.000 and GMP standards and risk-based processed with HACCP concepts.


HiQ ginseng is genuine, red Korean ginseng and descends from Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer - safely proven and documented by accredited laboratory DNA tests. 


The growth conditions in aqua culture lead to a particularly high content of pharmacologically active ingredients - higher than in black ginseng.


HiQ ginseng grows in a clean room under a strict HACCP hygiene concept without any pesticides, heavy metals or environmental toxins - safe, ultra-pure & natural.


Aqua culture conserves natural resources: <93% fertiliser, <98% water, <98% cultivated area, 0% pesticides or fungicides and up to 3.8 times higher crop yields.


We pack in large jars made from wood chips & natural glues, which are a by-product of the paper industry. 100% compostable, completely natural.


By growing in Europe, transport distances are short and the release of air pollutants during distribution is very low - our carbon footprint is finally good for the climate.

Pure & strong ginseng for TCM formulations

Recently, ginseng has been cultivated in Europe for the first time through aqua culture: A safe and EU-funded process makes it possible to grow ultra-pure Korean ginseng of unprecedented quality and purity under clean room conditions. Scientifically tested & in pharmaceutical quality for German pharmacies.

Red Korean ginseng for your pharmacy

A major challenge with natural substance preparations is counterfeiting, contamination with harmful substances and untrustworthy supply chains. It is therefore all the more gratifying for patients that one of the world's most valuable medicinal plants - Korean ginseng - is finally available in Europe from a safe source in the highest, standardised quality. 

Kommission E: Positive Empfehlung seit 1991

Die Kommission E empfiehlt in Deutschland Ginseng für:

  • Als Tonikum zur Stärkung und Kräftigung
  • bei Überanstrengung und Erschöpfung
  • bei Müdigkeits- und Schwächegefühlen
  • bei nachlassender Leistungs- und Konzentrationsfähigkeit
  • in der Rekonvaleszenz und als Altersheilmittel
  • zur Verminderung der Anfälligkeit für Infektionen
  • einen positiven Einfluss auf das Herz-Kreislauf-System
  • bei Potenzproblemen
  • bei innerer Anspannung (Stress)
  • zur Steigerung der Lebensqualität.

Our references

Aqua culture seems to me like a quiet revolution in pharmaceutical medicinal plant cultivation:

For the first time, ginseng is available in Europe in unprecedented purity.

Prof. Dr. Robert Fürst
Executive Director

Institute for Pharmaceutical Biology Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Ginseng from aqua culture surprises all analysts: the roots not only grow faster, but also resemble the protected wild ginseng in their spectrum of action. 

The successful renaissance of an ancient, traditional medicinal plant.

Dr. Torsten Schmidt-Bader
Co-Founder & CEO

HiQ-Nature GmbH
Schwarzenborn, Germany


Hydroponics for medicinal plants is the European answer to depleted soils, deforestation for cultivation and extensive use of pesticides and fertilisers.

Saving the increasingly scarce resources of water & energy is more important today than ever - and good for the climate. 

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Petersen
Chairperson of the Board

EQA SCE, Bonn, Germany


It is not always possible to transplant an edelweiss from the mountain to the valley: You never know if it will grow just as well. Ginseng from aqua-culture is ultra-pure and stronger.

HiQ ginseng is the amazing result of high-tech and tradition. 

Dr. Thomas Lettmann
Co-Founder & CEO

HiQ-Nature GmbH
Schwarzenborn, Germany


Our HiQ concept

We are only ever satisfied with the best.

As a small manufactory, we further develop natural products with the most modern, western manufacturing processes and pharmaceutical analytics and combine them with the Far Eastern knowledge of holism and Qi. We understand the connection between process, quality and effect: with our experience, we stand for scientific procedures and the highest purity & safety standards.

We rely on serious clinical studies and medical evidence. By means of qEEG, we show that the pharmacologically active "rare ginsenosides" reach the decisive brain areas in sufficient concentration via the blood-brain barrier. This activates the release of the transmitters dopamine, acetylcholine and noradrenalin, which are important for memory, concentration and focus. Clinical studies confirm "in vivo" the particularly fast-acting effect of hydroponic ginseng. In aqua culture, full-spectrum ginseng accumulates as high concentrations of the effective ingredients as the extinct wild ginseng.

With our HiQ Ginseng, at least 1 hour more productive time per day can be gained - fully concentrated, clearly focused and with great stamina for your free use.



*related to rare ginsenosides CK, PPD, PPT, Rg2, Rg3, Rg5, Rg6, Rh1, Rh2, Rh3, Rh4, Rk1, F1, F2

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